Album Release Party



The next song from our album "decipher" decipher will be online this Friday until than


16.03.2018: New Song: Maelstrom


Our first song on the new album. 3 songs put into one. It's the start of the concept. The big question, to decipher the meaning of life.
The album starts where "mammals" ends.
Mammals was, for me, an album that criticises the society nowadays. The hate against other cultures. The fucked up isms we have to deal with (racism, facism) the greed. The cold world where groups only want to fill their pockets.
On decipher the journey begins with the death of someone who has to deal with the questions? Why can't we accept that life is a precious gift? Why do we fight each other instead of supporting us? I hope everyone gets his own meaning of "decipher" and enjoys the ride.


Sascha (shadowpainter)


Part 1 departure
Part 2 on it's way
Part 3 arrival

Saxophone: Peter Incze aka Peter Pilotem

Part 1 departure

Sences are lost
Man overboard
Hear your beging
Here you're frought
Build to destroy
Heartless time

See, you all go down
You better run and fuck yourself
I will follow your Crown

Failed to recieve
See my eyes
Me Comes first
Born servent
Mental slave
Building Walls

See, you all go down
You better run and fuck yourself
I will follow your crown

Death all around
You're going down

Part 2 on it's way (instrumental)
Part 3 arrival

I disppeared Once was alive
How could this all have been a lie?
I've reached for darkness all the time
Thought less for me it all was light

Ahhhh Ahhhh

When is my
Arrival in this line
I have lost all Time my time

Reaching for love
These cold stones aligned
Singing ...


First Song from our new album will be online tomorrow :-)


Cor Blimey haben ein schickes neues Video zu ihrem Song (can't get) rid of you gedreht. Schaut es euch an :-)


Wir freuen uns folgenden Support für unser ReleaseKonzert am 21.04.2018 im Ulenspiegel anzukündigen. Da Maentis absagen mussten liest sich das Lineup wie folgt :

Cor Blimey
a portrait of life

Helft uns die Veranstaltung zu teilen und ladet Freunde ein :-)


Am 21. April feiern wir unsere Albumrelease Party im Ulenspiegel
nachdem Maentis absagen mussten, freuen wir uns euch mitzuteilen, dass uns Soliloquy an diesem Abend neben Cor Blimey und a portrait of life supporten werden. Das wird ein Fest !!!




Back at our basement. Recording is finished :)


Saxophon :-)